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We have almost completed our first EP.  Just awaiting mixing, scheduled for mid May.  When complete, we will release it to the world and hopefully it will be well received.  Depending on that, the sky's the limit as they say.  


Breakfast In America is a three piece Indie rock band from Edmonton, Alberta playing "California Surf Grunge."  It is comprised of Ignatius Trent, bass/vox/writer, Aliek Goncharuk, drums and Nathan McMurdo, guitar.  What is "California Surf Grunge" you ask?  We coined the phrase so I guess it's what we sound like, lol.  Maybe a little bit of grungy, surfy, alt country rolled in to one big fatty.  Our influences range from  Beck to Tom Petty to Nirvana to Courtney Barnett to RHCP to Miles Davis to the Beatles.  But we probably (hopefully) don't sound like any of them because that would just be boring.

One interesting fact is we have never recorded or played in the same room together at the same time (I suppose neither did Bernie and Elton.)  We hope to some day, and that wouldn't be a problem as we are all accomplished musicians.  So "Show us the money baby!" and we'll make it happen.  

We  would love to tour the world.   We hope to see you all at a gig one day in the not to distant future. We will finish writing this EPK when we figure out what we should say in an EPK.  Spread the love.


For booking North American Tour Please allow 6 to 8 months lead time.  For Europe and Australia, please allow 8-12 months.  For private "one off shows," rates vary. Call Ph 780 240 4020 and book now.